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Noga Leffler, 75

I am a cancer patient that suffers from hair loss. I started treatments against cancer about 2 years ago. Nothing seemed to help from all the medicine and food supplements. I heard about [Proform-Endure] from my neighbor. She is a nurse and saw one of her patients that tried it. I began to use it a few months ago and was astonished to see the new hair that grew. My hair is getting thicker even though I am still doing cancer treatments!!
I will use this supplement for the rest of my life!!

Israel, 72

Very satisfied. Thicker hair stopped hair loss

Drora C., 70

Started a year ago, much thicker hair, No hair loss
No side effects, Has before and after pic
Very satisfied with the product. Gave to her husband Israel

Liki Arieli, 45

I suffer from autoimmune disease and started losing hair rapidly. Even started to see baldness in some areas and that frightened me very much. I have used the product for 2 years.  In the first year intensively and then intermittently. After just 3 months, the hair loss stopped and the hair began to grow. I am very satisfied with the product. There were no side effects. I gave it to my mother a few months after I started. She noticed immediate hair regrowth also!

Regin , 73

I heard about the product from my doctor about a year ago and immediately gave it a try.  After the first 3 months, the difference was visually noticeable but also one I could feel as well. The hair loss stopped and the hair began to grow. I claim that my hair is full and healthy as a 40 years old man!!!

Ronen Ballas, 49

After 15 years with the same company, I was forced to look for a new job. I think that the tension and stress of job hunting and the interview processed caused my hair loss. I heard about Pro-Form Endure from a good friend of mine and decided to try it.  I used the product for about 4 months but began to take effect after about a month and a half. Initially, the hair loss was stopped. 3 months later the hair began to grow. There were no side effects.

Ariela H., 54

Hello, I am a nurse in the hospital and as such, high-stress levels are something I have grown used to. After the stress started to cause hair loss, I began taking Pro-Form Endure for 6 months. The product began to work consistently after 3 months. The product stopped the hair loss instantly and the hair began to grow.  I am very satisfied with the product and decided to it with my friends battling the same issue, especially since I had no side effects.

Joe Levy, 55

I am a Scientist suffering from massive hair loss and hesitant to try new products such as Propecia because of the side effects. I went to a doctor about an unrelated knee problem and at the end of the visit, the doctor asked me if there is anything else that bothers me. I replied that my hair loss bothers me, but I am sure he can’t do anything about it.  Surprisingly, he replied: “Yes, I can!!” Afterward, he gave me the details for this clinically proven hair supplement.  I started taking it and after 2 months I can say surely, I see the results. I am losing much less hair and my confidence rose in that matter.

Dayan Glezer, 72

As an elderly woman, I have very thin hair. After years of slowly losing hair, I got very worried about because I did not want to wear a wig and I was concerned that I will look ridiculous with a thinner hair.  I was recommended by a friend of mine to try Pro-Form Endure, so I gave it a try. Luckily, my hair got thicker, I lose less hair and surprisingly my nails became stronger and are not breaking as they were before taking the supplement!!

Jacob N

I started seeing results in just 2 weeks even though they said it’d take up to 12. By the 12th week, my hair wasn’t falling out anymore, instead, it was much, much thicker!


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